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Emfit Tonic-Clonic Seizure Monitor / Alert
Tonic clonic seizure

EMFIT Tonic-Clonic Seizure Monitor / Alert

The top selling seizure muscle contraction monitor and currently in use in over 60 countries worldwide. 

Emfits tonic-clonic seizure monitor is used for detecting & notifying a caregiver if the person with epilepsy experiences a tonic-clonic seizure.

It also monitors an individual's presence in bed and will give notification if the person leaves the bed or does not return to the bed within a certain amount of time.

The Emfit tonic-clonic monitor consists of two main components: a flexible & durable bed sensor placed under the mattress & a bed side control monitor with sophisticated software. Together, they detect the micro-movements of a person lying on the bed - even heart beat and breathing and the faster movements such as muscle spasms when a person has a tonic-clonic seizure. 

The bed sensor does not have a weight limitation, it is suitable for adults & children.

Key Features