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Amplified Telephones
PRO610 1 Amplified Digital Cordless Phone

Oricom PRO610-1 Amplified Cordless Phone

This amplified cordless telephone is ideally suited to persons with moderate to severe hearing loss and / or low vision. The PRO610-1 Amplified digital Cordless Phone delivers great amplification, clarity, features & ease of use. PRO610-1 has been designed to maximize the user's ability to hear & see the phone ring. 

Up to four extra handsets can be added to the system. Additional handsets are available upon request. 

Key Features
  • High-quality components and innovative acoustic design combine to provide crystal-clear amplified conversations
  • One-touch earpiece volume-boost button makes calls louder and easier to understand
  • Two user profiles can be programmed to control earpiece receiver equaliser and amplification
  • Hearing aid and T-coil compatible
  • Extra loud ringers on handset and base up to 90dB
  • One-touch loud handsfree speakerphone on cordless handset
  • Ultra-bright white strobe lights on the handset and base to visually signal incoming calls
  • High-contrast backlit display with enlarged easy-to-read characters
  • The simple-to-use phonebook stores 50 names and numbers for quick dialling