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Amplified Telephones
Oricom PRO910 1 amplified phone combo

Oricom PRO910-1 Cordless & Corded Phone Combo with Answering System

This combo system includes a cordless phone, answering system and a corded phone. Ideally suited to persons with moderate to severe hearing loss and / or low vision. Oricom PRO910-1 Utilises high quality components and innovative acoustic design to provide crystal clear amplified conversation.

Up to four extra handsets can be added to the system. Additional handsets are available upon request. 

Key Features
  • High quality components and innovative design combine to provide crystal-clear amplified conversations
  • One-touch earpiece volume-boost button makes calls louder and easier to understand
  • Two user profiles can be programmed to control earpiece receiver equaliser and amplification
  • Hearing aid and T-coil compatible
  • Extra loud ringer on handset and base of up to 90dB
  • Power fail protection - calls can still be made from the corded phone even if the mains power fails
  • Ergonomic design coupled with large, well-spaced, tactile buttons provide for comfort and ease-of-use