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Micro Measurements

Micro Measurements

VPG Foil Strain Gauges

Strain gauges are resistive sensors whose resistance is a function of applied strain (unit defermation). Stress is calculated from the strain information.

Typically a strain gauge is attached to a structure and when such a structure is deformed (tension, compression, shear), the resistive strands in the strain gauge follow the structure deformation which causes an electrical resistance change. The resistance change is then expressed in units of stress or strain.

VPG Bondable Terminals
For many types of strain gauges instrument leadwires generally should not be attached directly to the solder tabs of the gauge. Instead the normal practice is to install bondable terminals adjacent to the gauge and connect using small flexible jumper wires.

VPG Strain Gauge Instrumentation

Data acquisition instrumentation is used to sample real world physical conditions and conversion of the resulting samples into digital numeric values that can be manipulated by a computer.

The components of data acquisition systems include sensors that convert parameters to electrical signals, signal conditioning circuitry to convert analog waveforms into digital values for processing and software programs using various general purpose programming languages. 

Standard S-Type, Wire-Wound and Hermetic Resistors

  • Standard S-Type, noted for long term stability and low temperature-coefficent-of--resistance. Used for shunt calibration (below 100,000ohm) and bridge completion. 
  • Wire-wound, for high value shunt resistance requirements (above 100,000ohm). 
  • Hermetic, Best long-term stability under adverse environmental conditions. Premium resistors used for bridge completion wher high accuracy and stabilty are required.

VPG Adhesives

VPG adhesives are a class 3 UN3316 dangerous goods product and require special shipping. Shipping costs into New Zealand from USA are approx $1100.00 + GST for any size of package.
M-Bond 200 -  Most widely used general purpose adhesive. Easiest to handle. Fast room temperature curing.
M-Bond 610 -  Used primarily in applications over a wide temperature range. Widely used in transducer gauging. Elevated temperature curing.
M-Bond 600 Kit -  Similar to M-Bond 610, but faster curing. Can be cured at lower temperature that 610.
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