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Cognition - Time and Planning
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It’s sometimes difficult to create structure in everyday life. It takes a lot of energy to try to keep track of everything, which may make you feel stressed and anxious.

The MEMOplanner is a time and planning aid that you simply place where it can be seen in your home. It assists you by showing what day it is, the time of day, and what activities you have scheduled for the day, week and month. It also gives you clear reminders and helps you with checklists.

The MEMOplanner helps you to take control of your life, making you feel more secure and enabling you to live a richer life. Studies show that the MEMOplanner can reduce stress for both you and your family members - resulting in fewer disagreements over daily tasks. Other studies show that time-based support such as the MEMOplanner can help you to increase and improve your sense of time.

Available in a medium (10 inch screen) and large (24 inch) size.

Key Features

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